AC Ace ex Vic Hassall 1956

AC Ace, 1956, FIVA Identity Card.The most beautiful English roadster ever built, the ACE is at the same time a strong racing sportscar but also a fascinating two seater, with a sexy design and unique shape! The AC engined Ace has been manufactured in only 223 examples and, due to its rarity, in recent times has become a true "blue chip" investment, based also on a surprising competition background. It is quite a famous car, as it was delivered "ex works"on 24.05.1956 to Mr.Vic Hassal  who consequently raced it on the circuits of Snetterton, Mallory Park, and Brands Hatch. The career of this red sportscar was succesfully characterized by the success at Chateau Impney and the 3rd place at Silverstone in September 1957; of course, this car is going yo be supplied with a huge amount of documents and historical publications, plus a full set of  invoices about this very meticolous restoration that put the car in concourse condition since 2007. Excellent body paint, marvelous carpets and interior, original instruments and gauges, exclusive wooden steering's impossible to find another car like this in the AC marque today! This Ace, that was succesfully entered at the Mille Miglia 2009, shall be easily admitted also in the 2010 edition!

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Vintage racing sportscar certified for Mille Miglia - MBM Motorstorica s.r.l.2024-06-14
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