HRG 1.5 LE MANS 1949

HRG Le Mans Lightweight Proto, 1949, FIVA Id.  Card .
A wonderful and unique piece of British Motor History, this aluminum prototype (one of three ever built) with a 1.5 HRG racing engine, is the original car driven by Eric Thompson and Jack Fairman at Le Mans 1949. With this car, the English team won its class and finished 8th overall. The car is in pristine genuine condition and it’s accompanied by an incredible lot of historic papers and documents about its origins and its impeccable racing career, that includes a successful entrance at SPA Francorchamps. Ready for everything, including some concourse d’elegance, this is a rare and important investment and can be Your passport for the most ambitious programs at Monaco or Goodwood!

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Vintage racing sportscar certified for Mille Miglia - MBM Motorstorica s.r.l.2021-02-28
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