TRIUMPH TR2 Sports, first registered on 23.04.1955, 1,991 cc. engine, RHD. My oldest love....what else?First time I went to England to buy a sportscar,more than twenty years ago, it was an old and scruffy TR2!Today,having again the chance to drive this example I bought from a twentysix years same owner,I had the same feeling of my first time in London;the unmistakable muttering of the four cylinder engine and the sexy shape of its body are really a must that every classic collector should appreciate,giving to one of the 8,828 examples ever built the chance to have a little corner in every garage of ours.This BRG sportscar is genuine and well preserved,it's a RHD with wire wheels, overdrive and a nice and comfortable woodrim steering wheel.A wonderful short door model!

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Vintage racing sportscar certified for Mille Miglia - MBM Motorstorica s.r.l.2021-02-28
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