RALLY ABC 1100 Ex-L.Cutbill/J.A.Driskell 1929

RALLY ABC, 1929, SCAP unit 1098 cc, VSCC and FIVA papers. A very important pre-war cyclecar with a stunning racing pedigree! This "voiturette" is certainly one of the best sportscars we ever had in our collection. It's a rare 1929 example, SCAP engined, and it has been driven eighty years ago by some important gentlemen like Mr. L.Cutbill and Mr. J.A.Driskell, who raced it successfully at Edinburgh and Lands Trials in 1929. Then the car finished third overall at the famous Brooklands Double Twelve, gaining a wonderful bronze medal that's still with the car! The car is in excellent condition and it had a whole restoration and a general cosmetic overhaul in the year 2000; body, engine and chassis are very good and it's really a pleasure to drive. Seats, interiors, and instruments are almost perfect and the whole car has to be considered a strong and important investment to be driven in the next Mille Miglia 2009.

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Vintage racing sportscar certified for Mille Miglia - MBM Motorstorica s.r.l.2021-03-09
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