MG J2 Midget, 1933,FIVA papers. Built in only 2000 examples between 1932 and 1934, the J2 is certainly one of the most iconic pre-war British sportscars. TH 3743 was originally delivered in Wales in 1933 and we still have the old UK log book with the car; then, after fifty years, she has been part of a couple of important MG collections in Corwall and Austria, before coming to Italy in 2005. In 2007 our car has been featured in the July issue of the Italian magazine Ruoteclassiche and, due to her pedantic restauration, has been appointed of the FIVA and ASI homologation papers; the car is in excellent condition, it's a rare cyclewings version and is registered at the Triple M register

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Vintage racing sportscar certified for Mille Miglia - MBM Motorstorica s.r.l.2021-02-28
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